How You Can Get 1000 Real Instagram Followers in 10 Days

This past month I did some experimenting with Instagram and wanted to get my followers from 5 to 1000.

I ended up getting 1000+ followers within 10 days of using this method I am about to share with you.

Pretty crazy right?

Having random people follow you is not the goal here. We want to target an audience that actually is interested in what we do. Not trying to sell us their online course or E-book to us

Instagram is a powerful tool and needs to be utilized by every business.

Step #1: Make sure your profile is filled out.

Ever been to a profile that has no posts, description or profile picture? There’s no point of visiting a profile like that right?

Make sure to have a profile picture, your name, profile name and description. This will make your profile look complete.  Also, people will be able to determine if you are worth their time or not. PRO TIP: First impressions are important on social media!

Other things you need to add when creating your profile:

  1. Your name (Business or your personal name)
  2. Username should be intriguing
  3. URL to you website, Youtube video or whatever you want your audience to engage with.
  4. Let your audience know who you are and what you do.
  5. Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page if you have one. This will allow your audience to know you’re a business/personal brand profile and not an individual.

Step #2: Have posts that are eye catching to your audience.

Obviously, Instagram is about posting pictures. Having a wide variety of pictures that explain you and your business will give you more exposure. This must be done correctly to be effective.

Post your own photos

Stock photos are a NO GO. Your audience won’t be able to see the real you or your business. I found that the pictures I posted of myself had more likes and better engagement from my audience. When I posted image quotes, they did fairly well but not as well as original photos.

Photos must align with your purpose

Make sure your posts are directly related to your audience.  For example, the photos you post are about basketball but the purpose of you profile is to promote your knitting business.  Chances are your audience will be confused. This could lead to unfollows and less follows as well. ONLY post content that is relevant to your profile.

Step #3: Add hashtags
Adding hashtags is an important part of Instagram. Hashtags allow users that do not follow you to find your profile. This is why it’s important your profile is filled out and your posts are appealing. Once you add in hashtags, it’ll pop up in that hashtags’ feed.  This allows others searching through that hashtag to see your eye catching posts.

Which hashtags should you use?

To find hash tags, I used a site called

This site allowed me to view the top hashtags to use, and also the less used hashtags.

You are able to use up to 30 hashtags on every post. Make sure to use them all. You want to incorporate a mixture of top hashtags and less used hashtags.

I used 15 top hashtags and 15 less used hashtags. The reason for using less used hashtags is because it allows you to reach followers that may be more engaged and may allow longer exposure time. Your posts in the top hashtags may never be seen due to the hashtags’ use popularity.

Using a smaller usage hashtag lets your post stay up longer than it would with a major hashtag.

I used an app called Evernote to save my hashtags in. This allowed me to copy and paste the hashtags on each post. I didn’t have to look for new hashtags each time and focused on creating posts instead.

Put hashtags in the comment section, NOT in the description

Presentation is important. Ever seen a post and saw a bunch of hashtags below it and was immediately turned off?

We’re going to be posting 30 hashtags and that can take up a lot of space and look disorganized.

You want to post your photo with an intriguing description. After you post, comment on your own picture with your hashtags.

This allows your hashtags only to be visible if a user is to comment or click “view”.

Step #4: Have a schedule

Being consistent with your posting is crucial. Also, posting at the right time of day is important to understand as well.

My schedule looked like this:

  • Post 1 photo a day
  • Post photo at 9PM(When most people check their phones)
  • Post on story at least once a day.

This helped me create visibility and gain new followers by combining hashtags in my posts.

Try incorporating other types of posts to create more appeal. You can post buffer posts which are two second video gifs. Posting videos that have a max of 60 seconds can be effective as well. Instagram live tends to do well for many users. This gives you an opportunity to show who you really are, which people love. Mix it up to bring a variety of relevant content to your audience.

Step #5: Target your audience                  

Everything so far has been foundational and important. Now we will be getting into how to grow your following fast with real users who are interested in what you have to offer.

First, you have to locate your competition and follow them. Why? This allows you access to their audience who are interested in your competition. You provide services or products that are similar and may be bringing more value. Why wouldn’t their followers follow you as well?

To find your competition, You can use

Type in your industry/niche’s keyword and then click the Influencer Tab. This will show influencers’ in the niche you’re looking for.

Second, follow your competitions followers. You have to be careful here. If you follow too many at a time, you could end up not being able to follow anymore. I found that following 50 people per hour allowed me to follow a good amount of people and stay under the radar.

The limit of people you can follow is 7,500. This is hard to reach. I applaud you if you reach it. Challenge accepted?

You’re following real users in your industry that will most likely follow you back. Why? Reciprocity.

It’s like going to the store and someone holds the door open for you, you’re most likely going to do the same for them right?

Step #6: Engage with other users

Showing that you care about your followers is important and helps your credibility. Jump in on conversations on your competitor’s page. Answer their follower’s questions and create engagement. This shows you’re knowledgeable about the same topic. By providing this value, they may want to follow you as well.

Here are some tips and tricks that I used to help create engagement:

  • Reply to comments on my post and mentioned the user
  • Find hashtags that are relevant to you, like photos in those hashtags
  • Comment on photos with relevant hashtags
  • Jump in on questions on competitors posts and reply with answers
  • Direct message people you’d like to engage with


By following these six steps I was able to bring my following from 5 to over 1000 in 10 days. You can too.

Keep in mind, this can be a time consuming process if you take it seriously.

I didn’t take it as serious and followed users only when I had time. I still received a good result.

If you have any tips or tricks to grow an Instagram account, I’d love to hear them.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a powerhouse on instagram!

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