The Most Cost Effective Advertisement That’s Not Being Utilized


What’s the cheapest and most effective way to advertise in 2017?

TV advertisements?

Newspapers advertisements?

Billboards advertisement?

Direct mail?

Radio advertisements?

Youtube Pre-roll ads?

Nope. Guess again.

Facebook advertisements are the cheapest and most effective way to advertise in 2017. Why?

Let me explain.

Facebook has one of the biggest databases that the internet has to offer. Facebook has information on every single user from job, age, demographic, location, interests, etc.

These ads also allow insights to let you know how effective your advertisements were or weren’t.

With all this information, they have changed the game of advertising.

Big corporations are still spending $70+ billion on traditional advertising in 2017. The problem with traditional advertising is that no one is watching them and you can’t track your return of investment (ROI).

Let me break down how Facebook ads work and why they are so effective.


In every marketing campaign for any business you have to have a goal. Facebook allows us to choose from their list of objectives to help us set up our ads in the correct way. You’re limited to certain options depending on which objective you choose. This is an important part of creating your ad. Choosing the wrong objective will have an impact on your campaign.


Facebook Ads allow us to target any type of audience out there. For small businesses, this helps tremendously because they can go directly to their ideal consumers. If you’re a doctor and you needed more business, you would figure out who your usual patient is. Once you understand what age, location, job, etc. your usual patients have, you would deploy an ad tailored to them.

Facebook allows you to target the location, age, gender, languages, and interests of your audience. By choosing all of these things, it will show you the potential reach of your campaign.

Being able to do this for your business allows you to not have to guess where your audience is. With traditional advertisements all you had was hope. Hope that someone would take interest in your ad. Now you can directly target who will be interested in your product or service.



Where you put your ad is also very important. A lot of people have put ads on the right-hand column. That means users would have to look to their right and that would interrupt their regular habits on Facebook.

The other option is to advertise in the Desktop News Feed This can work but not many people are using Facebook on their desktops. Many people are out and about working, hanging out with friends, etc.

The third placement option is mobile news feed. This is by far the most effective ad placement. Everyone checks their Facebook on their phone. We check when we’re on break, waiting for something, eating dinner with friends, etc.

The hard part is understanding how to make it appealing enough for someone to click on your ad.

The cost of Facebook ads is set by you. You choose the amount per day you want to spend. Also, you can choose the dates from when the ad will run and how much you want to spend on the entire campaign.

$100 dollars per month is more than enough to help you start your very first ad campaign in an effective manner.

Many companies are spending thousands on traditional advertisements. You can’t track the ROI of these advertisements. You can spend $100 dollars on Facebook ads and still get a good value in return. Facebook ads also allows you to see how many people actually engaged with your ad, not just saw it.


The format of your Facebook ad is crucial to creating an intriguing ad for your audience. Here is the type of formats you can choose from.

The single image and video formats have been proven to be more effective. Video is powerful in today’s society, if you can do it I encourage you to.

Businesses can use this platform to distribute ads. This also allows businesses to put their usual TV commercials on this platform to their target audience.

I would be careful of what your ads are saying. People come on facebook to communicate with their friends. Understanding the context of any social media platform is important.

Putting a regular ad or commercial on Facebook will disrupt users’ experience and may lead to them blocking your content.

Being able to tell a story works the best with facebook ads. This is because it’s either entertaining or educational. It’s not trying to sell you something. Nike has done a good job of adapting to this platform. Their advertisements are all about telling a story. You’ll never see an ad from Nike telling you to buy their products. They may showcase their products but they do it throughout the story they tell.


As you can tell, Using Facebook Ads are changing the business marketing game. It’s important that you and your business understand where everyone’s attention is and not waste money on the traditional ways. Being able to adapt and innovate is important in this era that we are going through. The transition to this new way of communicating is not easy in any sorts. Learning something new that is valuable is never going to be easy but it’ll be worth it.