23 Easy Ways to Promote Your Event Using Social Media

Got an event coming up?

Want to beat last year’s attendance? Or is this your first time and you want more exposure?

Either way, we’re going to help you understand how you can use the power of social media to advertise your event!

Everyone is on social media today. It’s estimated that 2.51 billion users are on at least one social media platform in 2017. That number is only going to grow.

Many people are still advertising through print or television. No one is listening there. People are watching TV on their own time. Though DVR, Netflix, or Youtube. Heck, people even Facebook live events that are on TV and skip the commercials.
Why not use Social Media to promote your event? You get to promote your event effectively for free. You can also use paid advertisements. Paid advertisements are a lot cheaper than traditional advertisements. This also allows you to target your audience directly. We’ll get into all that below. 

Let me show you a couple ways to do so. You ready?

Before Event

1. Create a plan for each platform usage to promote

There are many social platforms out there that you can use. It can be a hassle. Understand what your primary platforms are and which platforms are secondary. For example, you may use Facebook and Instagram a lot more than any other platform. Make sure you publish all important information. Post speaker information, workshop descriptions, and event details on your primary platforms first. Your secondary channels can have a delay in messaging, but make sure to be very descriptive. Understand what type of content you want on each platform. Make sure you can track the progress of each platform.

Things to think about are what type of information you want to put on each platform and in what way. Each platform has its own context. You’re not going to share every piece of content in the same way on each platform. That would cause disruption and a possible unfollow. Below are some things you can do.

2. Create Facebook event page

Facebook is where everyone lives. Make sure that you have a business page for your business. Got it? Great. Now create an event page that describes your event in full detail and where people can sign up. This allows you to invite who you know and allows those invited to share this event with their audience as well. You can also display content here and any deals you might have.

Use Facebook page’s Call to action

Having a business page will allow you to create a following that you can engage your audience on. Business pages allow you to create a “Call to Action” button that will show as users visit your website. Your website may be where tickets are for sale. Sending your audience there is key.

3. Video invitation on Instagram

Instagram allows 60 second videos for you to utilize. Also, there is an option to go Instagram live. There are many options with Instagram. Creating a 60 sec video describing your event in full detail will do wonders for you event. Instagram is so powerful because you can reach outside your following for free. Platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are a lot harder to gain followers. How?

Research Hashtags related to your event

Adding hashtags to your posts allows users that look up those same hashtag to see your post in that hashtag’s feed. This allows the millions that use that same hashtag to see you posts. Also, this provides an opportunity for them to hear about your event. Instagram allows 30 hashtags, use them all.

4. Add event to your email signature

Got a decent size email list? Send a bunch of emails every day? Great. Utilize it by creating a logo about your event and include it into your emails you send out. This will bring awareness to your event without you having to say anything directly about it.

5Add flier to Facebook Profile Picture

Back in college, we did this for our event we had every year. This allowed us to spread awareness to each one of our followings. Every person involved changed their profile picture to the flier we put out. As a person posted regularly, their followers would see that person has changed their profile picture. This may intrigue their following to check what that new picture is. The flier will describe the event and allow followers to understand how they can attend.

6. Highlight reel from prior events

Have you interviewed attendees or speakers? Captured their statements about your event in the past?

Visual testimonials is a powerful way to grab your target audience’s attention. Visual testimonials can be videos of past attendees and speakers. Pictures of event with quotes from past attendees and speakers also do well. Give credit to contributor if possible.

This is an important piece to promoting your event because it provides social proof. People are always skeptical before they actually commit to buying something. They check for proof or evidence to make sure it’s worth their while.

Another way to create social proof is to share results of last year’s event. You could sharing the amount of attendees at your event. Showcase past speakers speeches at your event. Sharing the impact your event made with photos from past events. Using your past successes will allow you to be seen as credible and trustworthy to your audience.

7.Teaser videos
Give your prospects and idea of what they are signing up for. Just like movies have trailers before it hits the theaters. Posting teaser videos on your social media platforms will get attention of your audience. Another opportunity for promotion that is effective.

8. Interact with questions and polls during event on social media

A way to make sure your event is successful is to ask your participants what they would like to see at your event. Make them feel involved in designing your event. Asking what and who they would like to see. This will would develop interest with your potential attendees. Start a poll that directly correlates with your even. This gives your audience options to choose from and a chance to grab their attention.

9.Reveal speakers in creative way

Showing your speakers one by one will create anticipation and excitement for your audience. Ways to do that are teaser videos of special guests or images.

Share pictures with speakers with quotes. A head shot of the speaker with a powerful statement they have said will give your audience an idea of who they’ll be seeing.

Another idea for content is to share an image of your speaker in multiple ways. Sharing an image of your speaker with your event information will allow you to display you speaker and showcase your event details at the same time.

This provides an opportunity for your speaker to get exposure. The speaker also may share that content with their own audience. Another opportunity for exposure to an audience that knows nothing about your event.

10. Share Behind the scenes content

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into hosting a great event. Giving your audience a peak at the all the hard work you and your team have done can be intriguing.

All the challenges, meetings, mix ups, successes can help show your authenticity. Everyone loves seeing the journey of something great happening, share it. This allows your event and business to be relatable and can create a connection.

This also allows you to give your audience an insider look at your event. Something every loves seeing. This helps your audience feel a part of your event that can create that emotional connection.

11.Facebook Advertisements

Here is a huge missed opportunity by a lot of businesses when promoting. Facebook ads are the cheapest and most effective way to advertise (LINK) today. Being able to directly target the audience that you want brings a lot of value. Spending money on print, outdoor and TV advertisements is throwing an ad out to random audiences in hopes of action being taken. Being able to track your investment in advertisement by engagement and not impressions is a big difference

  1. Post about early bird deadlines and registration Windows

Offering an early bird registration to your loyal followers will allow them to feel valued. This will also ensure that you have guaranteed participants at your event. Make a promo code to take a percentage off that’s valid until a certain date.

Create a digital image explaining the details to share the offer. See the picture below. A picture like this will create awareness of your offer.

Have Giveaways for those with FOMO (Fear of missing out). Many individuals would love to attend your events but can’t due to expenses, other events and much more. To combat that this you could offer giveaways. For example, you could create social contests for tickets, offer travel stipends, event gear, VIP access and much more. Make sure that you make sharing your content as a qualification to extend your total reach.

  1. Connect with influencers to promote event

Having an influencer promote your event will allow them to share their audience with you. This is an underpriced asset to that is rarely used. There are many influencers out there with huge followings. If they promote your event, you get exposure to their audience. You could off them to be part of your event as well. This way of marketing can be a game changer for your event if executed well.

  1. Create infographic on what event has to offer

Less is more. Creating an infographic is an impactful way to share facts about your event. An infographic is appealing and informational in a way that saves time. The infographic will bring an abundance of value to your audience and allow them to take action. Use a site like Canva to easily make an infographic for your event.

15.Mention in Podcast/Youtube Channel

Podcasts and Youtube channels have an enormous following. A lot of them offer opportunities for and also sponsorships. This gives you a chance to talk about the amount of value your event will provide for an individual. Mention the event consistently throughout the podcast/episode. Make sure not to come off as a pushy salesman. Use a call to action.


During Event

16. Create hashtag specific to event and mention hashtag everywhere

You may have seen this done before. It’s a great strategy to get content your team and yourself weren’t able to capture. This allows people to follow along with the event. Hashtags can be used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so your attendees can engage with another there.

Start the chain by sharing an image with the official hashtag of your event. Make the hashtag exclusive and notable. Encourage the attendees to use the hash tag on relevant images. This will create a sense of community for your event.

Make sure to emphasize the hashtag at every chance you get. The goal here is to make sure there is a ton of engagement on social for you to refer back to for further use.

17. Promote that attendees share content during event

There are many ways for your audience to share content across social. Encourage them to share content on social during the event.

Facebook and Instagram live allows users to share real time video to their followers. This creates exposure for your event. Hosting your own live session as well can be effective. How? Users can post questions that you can answer creating engagement opportunities.

Snapchat and Instagram stores are like having you own TV show. There are many individuals that have many followers on this platform. Creating a Geofilter (#16) for your event will create another exposure opportunity for attendees to use to promote your event.

All social platforms provide opportunities for your attendees to share your event with their audience.

18. Create a Geofilter on Snapchat

Many businesses are now using Snapchat to communicate with their consumers. This allows them to share behind the scenes planning and direct interactions.

Also, Snapchat allows you to create a geofilter exclusively for your event. It is only accessible to those in that location at that time. This is perfect for an event you are hosting. With the amount of users that will use your filter, it will create publicity for your event.

This is a cost effective method and open to anyone. It costs $5 per 20,000 square feet. Covering a lot of ground for a good amount of money. Sounds like a steal to me. Find out how to do so here

19. Photo booth

Everyone loves photo booths. Having a photo booth will allow you to have fun, creative and authentic pict
ures of your attendees to share on social media platforms. Most likely they’ll share the photos as well.

Make sure you brand every picture taken with you logo as these events have done below.

This will allow people to see your business once attendees share these photos. Another exposure opportunity. 😉

After Event

20. Follow up with attendees at event and connect

Asking for feedback is essential when conducting an event. You’re going to get your share of positive and negative feedback. Share and reveal the positive feedback and be empathetic to the negative feedback. Respond to those negative feedback if possible and thank them for their inputs. Take their feedback into account when planning your next event.

If you have anyone that was seriously disappointed or rubbed the wrong way, offer them a chance to be heard ny your committe. Offer them a discount to the next event. Don’t beat yourself up over negative feedback. It’s something to learn from. If you get one negative review and hundreds of positive reviews, you know you’re doing something right.

21. Create group page

This will allow you and attendees to engage in this group page. Everyone that attended will be able to connect with another. Some people may not have gotten someone’s contact information and this page will allow them to do that.

Having this page will also give you a chance to promote future events and your services/products as well. Everyone involved in the group page knows about your business and what you do. This will allow them to be more likely to engage with you.

22. Share results of conference

As stated before, creating social proof is essential for any business. Almost everyone checks the reviews of a hotel they are planning to stay at before a trip. Same thing happens here for your future events. Make sure to share the results of your event and all of the positive feedback you receive.

23. Short video with highlights

Creating a video that highlights your event is a huge asset. A lot of attendees hope to see themselves in videos like this. If they do see themselves, most of the time they’ll share it. You can also load this video onto Facebook and Youtube. Future participants will do their research on your event before attending. Having a video to showcase the success of your past event is important. Prospects looking to attend your event and not being able to find any type of presence will hurt your chances of converting them.


Marketing you event is important to ensure you reach your goals that your business has. Using the powerful tool of social media allows us to get content in front of anyone we want to. Make sure you are utilizing these tools to reach and exceed your expectations. Implementing them can be a hassle, but the return of your time investment will be worth it. There is no reason not to. Apply these tactics to your next event marketing campaign. You won’t be sorry.


If you have any questions, let us know! Comment below!

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