The Most Important Thing You Need for Your Small Business to Stand Out


Today, the world is as noisy as it has ever been. With all the fake news, constant status updates and billions of people on the internet, how can your small business stand out?

Everyone is looking to grab the attention of the world.

How can your small business become the center of attention in your target audience?

I’ve searched far and wide and studied influencers and businesses that are standing out.

They all have one thing in common… Content. A lot of it.

Let me explain.

Why Content?

Anyone that ever stands out puts out content. They understand that being in front of your audience is a major key to standing out.

If you’re in front of your audience more times than your competition, people will start to notice you.

Creating content consistently will allow more ways for your business to be found.

If you’re writing blog posts and understanding the rankings of google, you’ll stand out in your expertise.

Posting on Instagram three times a day with hashtags will allow you to tap into other audiences. Also you’ll stay in front of your audience.

Going on a snapchat spree (shout out to DJ Khaled) will allow people to view your Snapchat story as a T.V. channel. Try switching accounts with someone to tap into their audience.

Make sure to keep it consistent as well. Whether that’d be an everyday post, or once a week video, keep it consistent.

Even big businesses are creating white papers (PDF files), have blog posts, creating videos for Youtube and Facebook.

Source: Businesses Grow

Creating content will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors and become a trusted expert in your industry.

How to Create Content

The most important thing when creating content is to find your medium. There are four great ways to put out content in the digital world.

Audio, Written, Pictures, or Videos.

All forms of content are powerful if used in the right way. The important thing is to understand yourself and what type of content you can be your absolute best at.

If it’s audio, start a podcast. Ask to be featured on other relevant podcasts. Find podcasts that aren’t exactly in your industry but correlate in some way.

Blogging is still going strong and if written is your way of communicating, blogging is the way to go.

Start writing and then find other audiences to tap into. Whether that’d be writing guests posts for similar blogs or putting your efforts on medium. Extend your reach.

Instagram is growing ever since it’s new changes. If you are deploying your efforts there, you can stand out from your competition.

Pictures on Instagram are extremely effective.
Hashtags allow you to reach people other than your followers. This allows you to be found a lot easier than on other platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.

Lastly, Video has become extremely powerful over the past year. If you can do videos on a consistent basis, you’ll stand out.

Posting videos on Youtube and collaborating with other Youtubers will help you grow.

Facebook has become a huge platform for videos and have integrated advertisements as well.

Video is growing, but if you’re not comfortable in front of a camera then focus your efforts elsewhere.

Again, the most important thing is to understand yourself and play towards your strengths. If you want to do all four, by all means you should. Make sure you’re consistent and putting out valuable content.

Understand the Context

Content is important, but context trumps all!

Each platform has their own context. If you don’t understand the context behind each platform, you’ll have a hard time seeing results.

Putting out pictures of a night out on Linkedin might not be the best idea since it’s a professional platform. If you posted the same picture on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see better results.

Also, understand how to turn one form of content into an effective piece of content for different platforms.

Gary Vaynerchuk understands this concept tremendously. His main focus is on video, because he’s a showman. He understands that long form videos can’t work on Instagram like they do on Youtube and Facebook. Gary has his team cut his videos down into Meme Video formats and puts them out on Instagram and Snapchat. That is understanding the context of platforms. Adapting your content to the context of the platform.

Source: Instagram

How Can You Be Different?

Alright, we now know the basics of putting out content in the right way. Your competition may know this as well. How does your business’s content stand out.

Tell your truth. Always be true to yourself because no one can replicate that. If they do? Great, they can’t beat you if they copy you.

A lot of businesses try to copy the top competition in their industry, which is fine to an extent. What will separate you from the rest is how you tell your business’s story and provide value through that to your audience.

Don’t try to make your business something it’s not. I’m sure the NHL, NBA, MLB would love to be on the NFL’s level. The truth is that they’re not. They should play towards their strengths and cater towards their audience. Work on what you’re good at and be the absolute best at that.

How to Get Your Content Noticed

This is one of the most important things to understand. Creating the content is the easy part; the distribution is the hard part.

You need to map ALL the relevant blogs, channels, pages, influencers, etc. in your niche/industry and collaborate with them.

Ask them to read or watch your stuff and if they like it, would they be willing to share it?

You might get one share out of the 100 people you reached out to. That’s a lot better than zero though right?

That one share could be what gets you noticed. Who knows? The main point is to reach out.

You could also get involved with communities on Reddit, Quora, Facebook and Linkedin Groups around your industry. This allows you to tap into other audiences, answer questions and show off your expertise.

This part is the most time consuming part, but so important to your business’s success.


Make your business stand out from the rest.

Create content based upon your audience’s values and pain points.

Find out in what way you communicate the best and surround yourself to fill in the other gaps.

Content is what will separate your business and the best part? It’s free to create. It just takes time.