June 13, 2017

Case Study: Sota Hot and Cold

Sota Hot and Cold at the Little Mekong Night Market: Case Study


Execute a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat marketing campaign for an event the client would be at to increase social/physical presence and sales for the business.

Case Study:
Sota Hot and Cold was in the startup phase and needed help with branding, logo creation, videography and graphic design work.

Here’s some of our work:

We understood that our client’s product is a trending product on the market. This itself helped with engagement.

The main goal was to increase exposure and help create brand awareness across platforms where the target audience’s attention is.

We used social listening to uncover what made this product intriguing. Questions we asked were…
What intrigued people about his product?
Who was intrigued by this product?
What type of content grabbed the most attention with this product displayed?

We kept in mind potential customers that are in the Minnesota area. We found out that…

  • People loved seeing the product being made in front of them
  • The product brings a uniqueness to Ice Cream
  • Presentation of the product was what intrigued customers the most.
  • Women that were 24-35 years old were the most engaged
  • Videos create the most engagement

Over the course of one month, we ran Facebook Ads, an Instagram Contest, created a Facebook event page and ran Snapchat Geofilters.

The results of these actions were:
– Facebook Event Page and Ads: 33k event impressions, 2.9k event views, 1.1k event responses, and 322 page likes

– Instagram Contest: 147 gained Instagram followers, 243 followers in total.

– Snapchat Geofilter: 769 Impressions, 204 conversions, 9K views

– Selling over 720 units. Surpassing their desired goal.